-Earliest Check-In Time 2 PM.
-Latest Check Out Time 12 Noon.
-City Center Shopping District close to all Major Attractions and Government Buildings.
-Parking available in Front of the Hotel Free of Charge, Underground Parking is also available closed after 7 PM.

-Wireless Internet is available in the entire hotel free of charge.

-All Major Credit Cards accepted, currency exchange available in proximity.


Identity card
With its outstanding natural beauty and rich architectural and cultural heritage, its ski slopes and beaches, its innumerable restaurants and shopping centers, Lebanon promises an Indisputably Unforgettable Stay; Lebanon is a liberal country, which was founded on private initiative. The foundation of its economy has always allowed it to attract capitals, companies and people of all nations and continents who find the infrastructures that enable them to work harmoniously...
Climate and Packing Tips
On its coastal area, Lebanon enjoys a Mediterranean climate (hot summers and mild winters). Summer temperatures in the capital (Beirut) range from 29o C to 32 o C (84oF to 90oF). Winter temperatures range from 16oC to 20oC (61oF to 66oF).The most pleasant months are April, May. Late October and November. In the summer, mountain regions, with their cooler and less humid weather, attract many residents. In winter, temperatures at higher altitudes can drop below zero and many...
Natural Resources
Limestone, iron ore, salt. Lebanon is a water-surplus state in a water-deficit region.
4,200,000 citizens Population growth rate is estimated at 1.62%.    
Arabic is the official language. English & French are widely spoken.    
Political System
A Parliamentary Democracy.    
Major Cities
Tripoli, Jbeil (Byblos) on the North coast. Saida (Sidon). Nabatieh and Sour (Tyre) on the South coast. Chtaura, Zahle and Baalbeck in the east.
Food & Drinks
Well known Lebanese mezzes and arak but also a multiple choice of European, American, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mexican food in addition to all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
The local currency is Lebanese Pound or Lira (L.L or LBP), You can pay in dollars as well: US$ 1.00 = L.L 1,500.00 Notes are in denominations of LL1,000 - LL5,000 - LL10,000 - LL20,000 - LL50,000 - LL100,000, coins are in pieces of LL50 - LL100 - LL250 - LL500.
National Product
Agriculture 10% Industry & Construction 20% Trade & Services 70%    
US$ 14.5 billion in 1999 (approx).    
Modern telecommunication systems, extensive road networks and modern port facilities.
Financial & Other
High skilled human capital, diversification opportunities with various types of business entities, new free trade zones, extensive local banking services and bank secrecy, free exchange regime, advantageous fiscal frame work, open entry for foreign investment and guarantees for investment.    
Banking, food processing, textiles, cement, oil refining, chemicals, jewelry, metal fabricating.
The principal products are citrus fruits, vegetables, potatoes, olives, tobacco, sheep, goats.
Beirut International Airport
The new airport was modernized recently at a total cost of US$ 380 million, and can handle a 6- million passenger yearly traffic
All ordinary personal effects are exempt from custom duty. Visitors are allowed to import 2 bottles of alcohol and 500 gms of tobacco.
Visas to Lebanon can be obtained at Beirut International Airport and on the Lebanon/Syria borders for nationals of the following countries: • Western Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. • Other Countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, South Korea, USA and Venezuela. Visas are issued...
Returning Lebanese Nationals
Requirements for customs clearance (at the airport or the port): Proof of residency in a foreign country, change of residency certificate (attested by the Lebanese embassy in the country of former residence), proof of residency in Lebanon (a rent contract attested by the municipality or an ownership deed certified by the mayor).
Non-Nationals moving to Lebanon
Requirements to avoid paying import duty on personal effects are the following: A certified letter from former/present employer stating change of residence, job title, nature of work you will be doing in Lebanon, legalised by the Lebanese embassy in country of origin and by the local authorities. Also, you will need a detailed.
Medical checklist before arrival
You will require the following: up to date tetanus injection, hepatitis A, valid medical insurance and current medical report from your doctor.    
Tourist Refund - Value added Tax - VAT
Starting 01 February 2002, tourists departing from Lebanon are entitled to a VAT refund on goods purchased during their stay. During the February Shopping Festival, and until the management of the tourist refund mechanism is handed over to a private company, the customs administration will handle the VAT refund claims. Which purchases do not entitle the tourist to a VAT refund? All kinds of services (hotels, telecommunications, car rentals, guided tours All kinds of...
What are the conditions required for a VAT refund?
The goods must be transported in the tourist's personal luggage. The tourist must have bought the goods from a VAT registered retailer. The total value for each invoice from each store must exceed 150,000 LBP per year. The purchases should be exported from Lebanon within three months of the date of purchase i.e. the date of the invoice. The goods don't necessarily have to be transported upon the tourist's first departure from Lebanon as long as he is still within the...
What should the tourist do in order to claim a VAT refund?
The tourist must ask the VAT registered retailer to issue, an invoice containing the retailer's VAT registration number, his name and address, the tourist's name and address, the description and value of the transaction, and the amount of VAT paid. The tourist must obtain a refund claim from the registered retailer (or at the airport when departing) and must fill it out. The tourist must present the customs administration at the point of departure with the goods, the VAT...
When is the decision of acceptance or refusal of the request issued?
The refund claims shall be handled by the unit that will be in charge of the management of the tourist refund. When the required conditions are met, the tax is refunded, either by check or credit card transfer, after deduction of the company's commission. If the refund claim is rejected, then the tourist is notified of the rejection of the claim, as well as the reason for the refusal.
Useful Numbers while you are in Lebanon
-Fire Brigade 175 -Civil Defense 125 -Internal Security 112 -Police 160 -Red Cross 140 -Operator 100 -Information 120 -Airport 01.628000 -Tourist Police 01.350901 - 01.343286 - 01.343209    
Figure & Facts
Amazing Figures and Facts about Lebanon.    
-The Phoenicians were the first sea traders. -The first law school in the world was built in Beirut (Berytus). -Byblos is the oldest city in the world. -The first Alphabet was created by Cadmus in Byblos. -Lebanon's name has been around for over 4000 years. -Beirut was destroyed and rebuilt 7 times. (This is why it's compared to the Phoenix).
-40 Daily Newspapers. -42 Universities. -70% of the students are in private schools. -Gibran Khalil Gibran, author of the Prophet, is Lebanese. -Lebanon is the country with the most published books about it.    
Geographical & Demographical
-There are 15 rivers in Lebanon. All of them, generating from its mountains. -Over a 100 Banks. -There are 4,000,000 Lebanese in Lebanon. -There are 12,000,000 Lebanese outside Lebanon.